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QUT Screening & Masterclass

The QUT Creative Lab and the QUT Digital Media Research Centre, in conjunction with Assoc Prof Jane Shakespeare-Finch from the Faculty of Health, are pleased to present a special screening of the film Shock Room by Kathryn Millard on Thursday 13 April in Z9-540, Kelvin Grove QUT, 1.30 – 4.00pm.

Special Screening at The University of Adelaide

The Department of Politics and International Studies at The University of Adelaide is holding a special screening of Shock Room. Friday 17 March. All welcome!

Shock Room Wins Best Feature Documentary

“In terms of being a riveting seventy minutes that explores the dark side of human nature…Kathryn Millard’s excellent direction of dramatic re-enactments drew us into the many uncomfortable scenes that put us in the position to ponder – when would we stand up and just say NO!” Antenna Documentary Film Festival Jury

Shock Room nominated for AWGIE Award

Writer/Director Kathryn Millard’s script for Shock Room has been nominated in the 48th Annual AWGIES, in the “Documentary – Public Broadcast” category. The Awards will be announced 11 September 2015.

Milgram was wrong: we don’t obey authority, but we do love drama

Why have the landmark psychology experiments of the post-war era proved so enduring? Designed as dramas about human behaviour, experimenters drew on theatrical techniques and tailored their results for cinema – results that, though skewed, have become embedded in the collective subconscious.

Milgram obedience experiments more art than science

ELEANOR HALL: The controversial obedience experiments, conducted by Yale University Professor Stanley Milgram more than half a century ago, have influenced our views of human nature well beyond the field of psychology.