Shock Room - A film by Kathryn Millard

Key Crew

Kathryn Millard


Kathryn Millard is a writer, filmmaker and dramaturg. Her films are internationally recognised and much awarded. Psychology, mental health, popular fallacies and the afterlife of images are recurring themes in Kathryn’s body of work which spans award-winning feature dramas, documentaries and hybrids. Her films have been selected for dozens of major festivals including Chicago, Sao Paulo, Mill Valley, Pordenone, Astra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and have screened at Brooklyn Art Museum and on the Sundance Channel. Major credits include the feature documentary The Boot Cake (2008) the feature dramas Travelling Light (2003) and Parklands (1996) and the arts documentary Light Years (1991). Kathryn is Professor of Screen and Creative Arts at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Calvin Gardiner

Director of Photography

Calvin Gardiner is one of Australia’s most experienced cinematographers. His credits include the telemovies I Spry (2010), The Prime Minister is Missing, (2008) Who Killed Dr. Bogle and Mrs. Chandler (2006), winner of a Logie Award for ‘Outstanding Documentary, and Silent Storm (2006) nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for ‘Best Cinematography’.

James Currie

Sound Recordist

James Currie has three decades  experience in the film industry in location  recording and post-production sound. He has worked on many feature films with Rolf de Heer including Charlie’s Country (2013) Dr. Plonk (2007), Ten Canoes (2006), Alexandra’s Project (2003), The Tracker (2002), Bad Boy Bubby (1993) and Dingo for which he won an AFI award for ‘Best Sound Track’ in 1991. James  was awarded ‘The Golden Clapper Award for Artistic and Technical Excellence’ at the 1993 Venice Film Festival for Bad Boy Bubby.

Karen Johnson


One of Australia’s most highly regarded film and television editors, Karen Johnson works across drama and documentary. Her credits include  the documentary, The Last Impresario (2013),  the award-winning documentary Ochre and Ink (2012), the feature Griff the Invisible (2010), the television documentary series The First Australians (2008), the feature Beneath Clouds (2002) and the musical drama-documentary One Night the Moon (2001).

Emma Kingsbury

Production Designer

Emma works across theatre, film, television and music video. Her recent  credits include The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe (Belvoir), Return To Earth (Griffin Theatre Company), I Have Had Enough (Sydney Chamber Opera), Nightbook (Can You See Me? Theatre), The Criminals (Old 505) and Two By Two (45 Downstairs).

Tess Boughton


Tess is an Animator/Illustrator and 3D specialist, based at The Gingerbread Man. Since graduating from UTS with an M.A. in Animation, Tess has worked on television series and feature films including Captain America, Thor, Avengers, Iron Man 2 and Tomorrow When the War Began.

Phillip Johnston

Phillip Johnston

Phillip Johnston is a musician and composer. Working between Sydney and New York, he has more than forty years writing for and leading/performing in jazz bands. He has written dozens of film scores, and has a particular interest in writing contemporary scores for silent films. Wordless, his musical/movies/slides performance collaboration with Art Spiegelman, toured extensively in 2013-4.

Keith Thompson

Script Consultant

Keith Thompson is an eight-time (Australian Writers’ Guild) AWGIE Award winning screenwriter. His recent credits include the features The Sapphires (2012) and Clubland (2006) which screened at Cannes and Sundance respectively. ABC TV Script Executive for the first series of Geoffrey Atherden’s Grass Roots, Keith has written extensively for television. Keith has been a script editor on over 25 produced feature films. He is currently Head of Creative at Goalpost Pictures, Australia.

Craig Deeker

Executive Producer

Craig began his career as a human to computer interface designer before moving into the advertising industry.  He then set up The Gingerbread Man post-production house which works across feature films, television, advertising and music video.  Craig, who was Head of Creative for The Gingerbread Man and Executive Producer on Shock Room, was Executive Producer for The Last Impresario (2013), awarded the Film Critic’s Circle of Australia ‘Best Feature Documentary’.  

Tom Murray


Tom Murray is an award-winning filmmaker. His feature documentaries, which include Love In Our Own Time (2012), In My Father’s Country (2008) and Dhakiyarr Versus The King (2004) have been selected for major festivals including Sundance and IDFA, Amsterdam. Amongst the awards they have won are the NSW Premiers’ History Award and the Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival. Tom is a Senior Lecturer in Screen production at Macquarie University.

Psychologists & Interviewees

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Alex Haslam


Alex Haslam is Professor of Psychology and ARC Laureate Fellow at The University of Queensland. He has published widely on leadership, organisational psychology and issues of identity, power, and well being. He is a recipient of the European Association of Social Psychology’s Kurt Lewin medal and the British Psychology Society’s Award for excellence in teaching psychology.

Steve Reicher


Steve Reicher is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of St. Andrews. His research focuses on group processes such as leadership, crowd behaviour, and tyranny, challenging the popularly-held notions of crowds as places of irrationality and loss of identity. He is the Chief Editor (with Margaret Wetherell) of the British Journal of Social Psychology.

Simon London


Simon is an actor and writer, known for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013), and Waitangi: What Really Happened (2011). Simon’s immersive theatre production Generation of Z toured to Edinburgh and London in 2014.

Martin Crewes


Martin Crewes performs for film, television and musical theatre, including a horse-riding role in The Man from Snowy River: Arena Spectacular. Recent major roles include Sweet Charity (2014) Guys and Dolls (2014) Chess (2012) and Crownies (2011).

Alice Ansara


Alice is an actor for theatre, film and television. She has worked with a number of Australian companies including Sydney Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company and Bell Shakespeare. Major credits include Jump for Jordan (2014) Legally Brown (2013) and La Spagnola (2001).

Caleb Alloway


Caleb’s recent credits as an actor for theatre, film and television include The History Boys (2013) The Paris Letter (2012) and Underbelly (2011).

Jeanette Cronin


Jeanette has worked extensively in theatre, film and television. Her credits include Peter Allen: The Boy Next Door (2015) Queen Bette (2015) Janet King (2013) Bug (2010) Prime Mover (2008), Holding the Man (2008), The Boys (2001) and Dark City (1998).

Martin Harper


Martin’s major credits include the Sydney Theatre Company’s Long Way Home (2013) and Backyard Ashes (2013). Prior to graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Martin worked in the Australian Army as a trainer and manager for 10 years.

Ling Hseuh Tang


An actor for theatre, film and television Ling’s credits include Redfern Now (2014), Sea Patrol (2009), Ghost Rider (2005), Fireflies (2004), and Songket (2003).

Graeme McRae


Graeme has worked with companies and broadcasters including Griffin Theatre, Australian Theatre for Young People and the Nine Network.
His credits include The Gruffalo (2014), On the Shores of the Wide World (2014) and Punk Rock (2013).

Johnny Nasser


Johnny works across theatre, film and television. His major roles include Sharjah Oratorio (2014), Convict (2014) Section 209 (2013) Railway Wonderland (2012) and Wilde Tales (2007). Johnny frequently works in the Middle East and Singapore.

Richard Sydenham


Richard works across theatre, film and television. His roles include Wonderland (2014), Gina v Rose: The House of Hancock (2014), Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story (2013) Rake (2012) Macbeth (2007) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003).

Stephen Wilkinson


Stephen has performed extensively within the independent theatre sector in Sydney. Credits include Slutterati (2013), The Political Hearts of Children (2013) and Spiderman (2011).

Christian Willis


Christian works as an actor for theatre, film and television. His credits include Torch Song Trilogy (2013), Downbeat Dad (2013), Lyrebird (2012), Checkpoint (2016) and White Collar Blue (2002).