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Shock Room Wins Best Feature Documentary

“In terms of being a riveting seventy minutes that explores the dark side of human nature…Kathryn Millard’s excellent direction of dramatic re-enactments drew us into the many uncomfortable scenes that put us in the position to ponder – when would we stand up and just say NO!” Antenna Documentary Film Festival Jury

Shock Room: Edge-of-the-seat viewing

“As a film, Shock Room is 72 minutes of edge-of the-seat. As psychology, Shock Room has changed my fundamental views of human nature: permanently. Shock Room is not just a must-view; it’s a must-view-many-times-over.” ~ George Akerlof, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2001

Shock Room: Essential Viewing

“Shock Room is essential viewing for everyone concerned with how humans behave when they are asked to obey a difficult order. It has a powerful message, skilfully communicated – above all that we have a choice whether to obey or not, and should recognise that hopeful reality.” ~ Richard Overy, celebrated historian